Biogeography, Evolution, and Conservation

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

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PI with primary research projects on the population genetics, phylogeography, and speciation of marine organisms, but with other ongoing work in the fields of molecular evolution, seafood forensics, and paleobiogeography.   

Peter Marko

MS student studying ocean acidification, evolution, and the population genomics of corals.

Martha Newell

Former lab members:

Phylogeography of rocky shore marine species.  MS thesis focused on amphi-Pacific phylogeography and speciation in the rocky shore snail Nucella lima.  Nicole now works as a science teacher at Timberland High School in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. 

Nicole Cox

Population genetics and conservation of sharks.  Dissertation focused on the eastern Pacific population genetics of Sphyrna lewini, the scalloped hammerhead shark.  Currently teaching at Indian River State College. 

Holly Nance

Genetic mapping and QTL analysis as tools to understand genetic load, inbreeding depression, and genetic causes of larval mortality of marine organisms.  Postdoc work in our lab included paternity analysis and population genomics of gooseneck barnacles using microsatellites and RADseq technology.  Louis is now an Assistant Professor at Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland.

Louis Plough

Evolution of mating systems in marine organisms.  In the Marko lab, Tammy was a postdoc that worked on the phylogeography of north Pacific marine organisms.  Tammy is currently an Assistant Professor at Limestone College. 

Tammy McGovern

Human genetics and genomics.  Worked as Howard Hughes funded undergrad in our lab on the population genetics of commercially harvested bay scallops in North Carolina.    

Felicia Hawthorne

Population structure and conservation genetics of terrestrial vertebrates.  Kelly had two stints as a lab technician and manager in our lab and now works for the USGS. 

Kelly Barr

Former lab technician, driver, and navigator. 

Dan Rodriguez

Former lab technician.

Cory Holbert

Undergrad researcher, now a postdoc in New Zealand. 

Alice Dennis

Current lab members:

PhD student with interests in the systematics and biogeography of corals.

Claire Lewis

PhD student working on the molecular phylogeography of antitropical marine species as a model for testing ideas about the tropics as a source of evolutionary novelty and diversity. 

Sergio Marchant

Postdoc working on the evolution of egg size in Hydroides.

Yale Passamaneck

Undergraduate student working on the phylogeography of Echinometra sea urchins.

Bailey Carlson

MS student studying patterns of marine endemism.

Jake Buehler

MS student focused on connectivity in mesophotic coral reef systems.

Patrick Nichols

MS student interested in the evolution and mating systems of marine invertebrates.

Jessica Schaefer