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Qiagen Virtual Cabinet

Qiagen ordering instructions:

Our lab manages a QIAGEN ordering service for the UH research community. We do not maintain QIAGEN kits and reagents on campus, but by ordering through this service you get special pricing (8-15% off), free shipping, and access to (albeit rare) special promotional offers. Orders can be placed by submitting a completed UH QIAstock Order Form to Peter MarkoSubmit the form as a Word doc, not a pdf.  See more details below.  Products usually ship in 2-4 days. Temperature sensitive items are shipped overnight.  If you order on Friday, temperature sensitive products will be shipped the following Monday. 

How to order:

Please complete a UH QIAstock Order Form, add your last name to the file name, and submit (as a Word doc, not a pdf) to Peter at  You will need to include a UH issued Purchase Order Number and a pdf of the PO.  Alternatively, you can include credit card information on the Form.

Include the list price from the Qiagen website on the form and I will subtract the discount.  Prices vary, but nearly every product will have at least an 8% discount.  For example, the DNeasy Blood and Tissue Kit is currently priced at $662.40 (compared to $736 on the web).  If you have additional questions about pricing, please contact our QIAGEN Account Manager Kelly Romett at  

Peter will place all QIAstock orders and orders will ship to his lab. When your order arrives, you can pick it up at Edmondson Hall, Room 301. 

Discounts and free shipping and handling apply to all QIAstock orders.  From time to time, QIAGEN will also run special promotional offers. To take advantage of a special offer, include the promotional code on your QIAstock Order Form.

For questions about orders, contact Peter Marko at:

Thank you again for supporting the UH QIAstock program.